Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Another November Day in Sunny California...NOT!

Larry & I
(I wish I was back there... The cruise we took to Ensenada, Mexico for our 7th Anniversary)

What season is it right now? Fall, you say. Well, you certainly wouldn't know it. It still feels like were in Summer. And how strange the weather is for creeping towards the end of November, huh?! Talk about being miserable everytime I have to set foot out of my climate-controlled house. I'm going on my 34th week of being pregnant this Friday, so this heat is getting old quick! I can't wait for the cool to set in for the holidays... Granted, I don't want it too cold because then I run the risk of my baby girl catching a cold. Afterall, she does have an 8 year old brother in school that could bring it home to her.
In other news, we had to have a plumber come out to fix the kitchen sink... It was clogged on both sides and our water wouldn't drain. But now, it's as good as new - Yea!
My house is very quiet at the moment, too! My two baby boys are currently napping and all I can hear is Spongebob in the background. NICE. I look forward to nap time... A little peace and quiet and time to think. I can check emails, blog, etc.
Anyway, I think that I may even join them for a little catnap of my own because my oldest son has early day today. I need to pick him up at 1:15pm, so a little nap will be good for me. Especially, before we start doing homework!
Hope you all have a wonderful morning, afternoon & night... Thanks for stopping by! :)


april said...

Super cute blog!

ScrapCrazyDiva said...

Thanks, I appreciate it!!!