Saturday, September 11, 2010

Late Night Stamper Scavenger Hunt - Round 2

Sherrill Graff is giving us another scavenger hunt game to play and a chance to win more free merchandise! Late Night Stamper Scavenger Hunt - Round 2

My clue is: Cute By The Inch
This time around the rules have changed. After you find your 20 blogs with clues, send me your list here with the subject Scavenger hunt. On the 15th, I will forward those entries to Sherrill to be entered in her drawing.

Are you ready to play? As more blogs add clues, I will add them to the bottom of this post so check back often for more places to hunt!

Here are some mini gift cards/tags that I made. A couple of great uses for these would be to punch a small hole in the upper left hand corner, thread some cording/twine through and tie it on to a gift bag or gift.

Find your clues here:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

ScrapCrazyDiva's Got A Brand New Gadget...

I'm proud to announce that I'm the owner of a brand spankin' new Creative Labs Vado 4GB HD Pocket Camcorder. Wow, that's a really long title for such a small gadget (about the size of my Blackberry Curve)! Tiny, right?! Here's a pic of my gorgeous "Black Beauty"...

I just received it via UPS last night about 7 pm, so I need to charge her up & take her for a test drive. Lord knows I have plenty of test subjects around my household that are more than willing to help Mama out...LOL!

Anyhoo, I finally downloaded all of my pics from the Mini Vacation we took our kids to in San Diego right before school began. I must say I'm quite pleased with all of the pictures I took with my Canon PowerShot A630. She was a lovely Mother's Day Gift from my kiddos a few years back and she hasn't let me down one bit! We took the kids to Legoland and the SeaLife Aquarium while we were in Carlsbad, stayed in a suite that night and the next day, took them to the San Diego Zoo. Here are a couple of highlights from our trip...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Come Play Along...

One of our most generous stampers in the whole wide world is Sherrill Graff - and she's at it again! Sherrill is offering a $400 STAMPIN' UP! SHOPPING SPREE to the winner of this contest...

The LATE NIGHT STAMPERS over at Yahoo are a group of fun-loving, creative stampers. Here's how to join the game... You need to collect 20 clues from the participating blogs and turn in your answers to Sherrill's email at

HERE'S HOW TO PLAY: Hop on over to Sherrill's blog and you'll find more blogs with more clues! Make sure to have your 2010-2011 Idea Book & Catalog, paper and a pen/pencil handy because you're going to need it. If you don't have the Idea Book yet, you can download it here...THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The New Holiday Mini is LIVE...

It's here bleeps! The Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini is now live. To view the mini, click the image in the sidebar. To shop, click here or email me to place your order. Enjoy!