Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME...

Today's my 32nd Birthday and all of children are under the weather...YUCK! Mia had her well baby appointment the night before last and I had to give her some Infant Tylenol last night and early this morning for fever. Interesting because kids 1 and 3never got fevers after their immuniztions, only 2 and 4. Funny how that works!

Anyhow, my morning started off well. My 2 oldest sons, Nick & Josh and their dad sang "Happy Birthday" to me before taking Nick to school. It was great because after they finished, Josh walked over to the kitchen gate looking for the cake and decorations, ready to PARTY. What a cutie!

As for the party, I think we'll be postponing festivities for the weekend...Here's a card that I made using product from the House of 3. I'll be sending these out to friends and family later this week.


Enjoy Your Day;)


Wendy said...

Hi Jaime,

not sure if you rememeber me from TLC. I've seen your comments on mutual friends blogs, thought I would check yours out!

I see you won Blog of the week at house of 3, very Cool. I love there new digi and printables.

Love the card you made and your header!
Happy Thursday!

Wendy said...

PS. OOPS! Sorry Happy Birthday!
Us older folk seem to forget easily! LOL

hks said...

and cute cute card..
take it easy! and have a wonderful day!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday Jaime! I hope you have a lovely day celebrating your day! I'm sorry to hear your kids are under the weather!! Hope they feel better soon so you can actually celebrate your birthday on the weekend!!

Your card is very pretty! I love the colors and the pretty desinger paper.

Jane ... said...

Happy birthday wishes, Jaime, and I'll be praying that your kids feel well very soon!

Rhonna Farrer said...

happy birthday...your card is sooo fab!