Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Checking In.

I just wanted to check in with everyone. It's been a few days since I last posted and thought I'd stop in to say "Hello". I'm so happy because I finally went back to church this past Sunday with my new daughter. I've been wanting to go back for sooooo long, too! I just wanted to wait until my daughter was at least 2 months and well before I took her around a bunch of people. I'm so paranoid when it comes to my babies and risks to their health.

Anyhow, it was a wonderful experience for us...Mia did very well. My boys did well, too! As a matter of fact, Joshua didn't want to leave his Sunday School Class. He wanted to stay and continue with his artwork. Luke cried when I left him in the nursery. As he usually does but I was told that he stopped a minute or two after I left. When I returned to the nursery to feed Mia, Luke was comfy-cozy in Michelle's lap (one of my mom's friends). It makes me really happy that my children love going to church.

On another note, it's rainy this morning and I'm debating if I should reschedule Mia's 2-month wellbaby appointment, or not. I really don't want to take her out in this cold, wet weather. What's a mommy to do?!

Have a happy-go-lucky day~