Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baseball On The Horizon...

Our season is getting on to an early start this year. We have our Hit-a-Thon Fundraiser this Saturday and our first game on Monday with the Opening Day Ceremony scheduled for Saturday, March 7th. I have 2 of my sons, Nicholas & Joshua playing this season, so I'm more excited than ever! Joshua was signed up to play last season when he was 3, but he wasn't really into being there. He's matured a little more since then, so now he's excited and wants to be there. I'm the team mom for my oldest son's team. My husband's the manager and he's also the VP of our Pinto Division, so we'll be very busy this season! We enjoy watching our sons play. Not to mention, seeing the growth and improvement from one season to the next. It's very rewarding for us.

Enjoy the rest of your week;)


hks said...

congrats.. you are the WINNER of the ULTIMATE house warming prize package! which means EVERYTHING!!
email and we'll get you all set up!