Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back From Big Bear...

What an amazing trip! It was the first trip we've taken with our children to the snow covered mountains and they LOVED it! We went sledding on Saturday and my oldest son, Nick was under the weather so he didn't last too long. My two younger sons, Joshua and Luke fell asleep on the way to sledding but, Joshua woke up with enough time to participate before it started snowing heavily and we had to get back to the cabin. Luke unfortunately, slept through the fun! On Sunday however, we went to Snow Play for a couple of hours before the Super Bowl Game began and went innertubing. Joshua and Luke had the time of their lives! Nick was still not feeling well, so he opted to stay home with his dad (who was also ill) and baby sister and just play his Nintendo DSi and chill. It was a wonderful experience and a great long weekend. I'm considering planning another trip, perhaps for a papercrafting/skiing weekend - Ladies Only! I'll keep you posted...To view pics from my trip, simply click on the title "Back From Big Bear" above.

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