Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Bundle of Nerves

Well, I'm currently 35 wks/1 day pregnant with my 3rd son and I have a strong feeling that he's definitely going to be coming early! I have that "Indian Burn" sensation on my tummy and my stomach is always hard as a rock. I can already tell that Lil' Luke is running out of room! Goodness gracious! I just hope that I can make it past my Baby Shower on Sunday, November 11th... I feel so unprepared. We still need to finish painting the nursery and sand and paint the 1/2 bath in there as well. So much to do with so little time... I'm also still trying to get over my cold, no thanks to the fires! The poor air quality really did a number on me. Just when I thought I was pretty much over it, I got worse! Go figure.